Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's easy to inexpensively find 'Casablanca' on DVD

Many people dislike Walmart for a variety of reasons (some of which are legitimate). However, the store has been an indispensable resource as I have built up my DVD collection.

Last Saturday, I found Casablanca there for only $7. It included the film, a documentary hosted by Lauren Bacall, and the original movie trailer. Most importantly, it was the black and white version of the film, and not the horrible colorized version that Ted Turner put out back in the '80s. The colors in that version almost burned out my retinas.

If I were a high school history teacher, I would require my students to watch this film. I know we should not make a habit of relying on Hollywood to give us a civics' lesson. However, the film does make important statements about the folly of isolationism and the need for self-sacrifice.

Both of those themes are as important today as they were back then.

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Joltin' Django said...

Funny you mention ...

I recently picked up the three-disc DVD Maltese Falcon at Nashville's Phonoluxe Records - in pristine condition - for $13. What a great find!