Monday, June 15, 2009

What? No Air Jordans?

Though I love nature, I don't claim to understand a lot about it. Consider the actions of a fox in Germany as recently reported by the Reuters news agency:

BERLIN (Reuters) -- A fox has been unmasked as the mystery thief of more than 100 shoes in the small western German town of Foehren, authorities said Friday.

A forest worker stumbled upon shoes strewn near the fox's den and found a trove of footwear down the hole which had recently been stolen overnight from outside locals' front doors.

"There was everything from ladies' shoes to trainers," said a local police spokesman. "We've found between 110 and 120 so far. It seems a vixen stole them for her cubs to play with."

Although many were missing laces, the shoes were in good condition and their owners were delighted to reclaim them, he said, adding that no reprisals were planned against the culprit.

You know, it's a good thing that fox never met Imelda Marcos (upper right).

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Joltin' Django said...

Great story. 'Bout six years ago, a possum attempted to abscond with one of my yard-mowing shoes. My cat was sitting in the window just going nuts, and when I looked out I saw Mr. Possum trying to drag the shoe from where I'd left it on the back porch. I pounded on the door and off he waddled.